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Monkey Policies

In order to become a scholar the user must submit a form where sensitive data is required, MonkeyNaut won't share this information with third parties, this includes other organizations or people unrelated to the head of management at MonkeyNaut. Note that filling and submitting the form doesn't entitle you to a scholarship, our team will evaluate your profile and attempt to match it with any of our current projects, your application is subject to project availability and external conditions.


  • Privacy: Your privacy is extremely important to us, thus, we commit to keeping our prospect's information safe by erasing all personal data and records after 6 months, for initiated scholars their info may remain for longer to prevent miscommunication or miss a payment.

  • Projects: These are games under development, therefore, they may suffer all kinds of changes including suspension of services, scholars assigned to a project know the risks involved beforehand and they must accept any changes performed by developers and their organization. This paragraph means that your scholarship program could be temporarily terminated at any time.

  • Benefits: Scholars have the right to a percentage of the profits earned, these percentages vary from project to project and these typically go from 25% to 50% and in some cases, bonuses and incentives are given as an extra.

  • Responsibility: We consider ourselves as a group of serious business and highly responsible people, and that's a trait we seek in our future scholars and investors.

  • Applicants: Since there are no laws implemented for this kind of organization, any type of agreement is based on word-and-trust as legal contracts can't be implemented. That's why we encourage anyone to apply as long as they understand what has been stated above.

  • Scholar risks: MonkeyNaut has a dedicated team to try out new projects in special devices to detect malware or phishing ware before giving our scholars access to their accounts, however, this is not always the case as most of these newborn projects could, later on, insert malicious ware in their games without anyone's consent. Also, some new projects require scholars to start playing immediately after launch to gain special benefits, thus, we can not always guarantee to safeguard the scholar's privacy and MonkeyNaut won't be held responsible as scholars are aware of the dangers of trying out new video games.