How do scholarships work?



Once a brand new crypto game announces, we gather important information about it as days pass by and proceed to evaluate our options.



Our H.R team will evaluate the prospect's profiles to match them with the project. Scholars already in a project are also notified and they can participate if invited to apply.


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Each project is governed by a specific crypto-token, the objective is to play the game under their rules without cheating to farm their token every day. Some projects have a capped amount of rewards per day, while others allow you to farm as much as you can so be sure to always give your best to maximize your earnings. And don't forget, you're basically getting paid to play video games while learning about blockchain and the digital economy so be glad and enjoy gaming on!


If the executive team approves the game, we start collecting funds from our investors and the number of scholarships is determined.

Piggy Bank



Chosen prospects/scholars review a document with the information available from the newly funded project, after review they chose whether to accept or reject the offer, alternately they can propose the H.R team another option.



Scholars earn a specific daily amount of tokens, depending on their percentage promised a record is created in our database where scholars have access to view their daily cut. Payments are issued weekly (on most projects) and their earns are directly deposited to their personal crypto wallet (crypto and fiat) or their bank account (available fiat only).



Once the funding period ends, we create and manage the new scholarships before giving them out to our selected scholars.



Information regarding daily activities and duties, schedule, game mechanics, and all the essential information is already present in the proposal letter. However, some individuals may require clarification or simply seek answers to generated questions, thus "on-the-job" training is given either in groups or individually.

General information

Crypto games are born every month, offering a variety of unique features and benefits, at MonkeyNaut we strive to get ahead of other groups in order to be among the game testers. Even though we may not be the first to try them out all the time but we definitely join during their prime. If you wish to become a scholar there's a couple of things to keep in mind:


  • Be 18 or older and own a crypto wallet/bank account

  • Have free time, if not, time management skills are required

  • Willingness, commit to our organization

  • Understand how radical changes may be, mostly due to crypto market crashes or game developers making bad decisions.

  • Being a gamer, although video game experience is not required acquiring knowledge is essential

If you had read our Terms and Conditions page and you agree to them, you should apply by filling up this form below or go directly to our Google Forms space.