A brand new crypto-game group

A self-proclaimed independent organization integrated by a small group of investors and a larger one of scholars, with the same vision of getting familiar with games that make use of tokenomics. At first, we wanted to keep a couple of scholarships to ourselves, but after seeing the curiosity that crypto games were arousing among crypto enthusiasts, veteran investors, and gamers alike, we decided to start our own group and we plan to grow bigger next year.

We see tokenomics as the new economy for the video game industry, something that will change the world and is slowly creating a new way of employment. Here at MonkeyNaut, we wish to explore those opportunities tailoring new technology, video games, and the digital economy.

To become the leading organization regarding game scholarships.

We plan on releasing 50+ scholarships within different games, everything depends on two factors though, 1. The crypto market and 2. The number of investors and participants available.


We can only reveal our HQ's location which is in Mexico, however, when it comes to our member's identity we believe anonymity is essential since the government at our location hasn't implemented appropriate laws related to crypto earn. Once this changes (if it ever changes) we will become a registered company and our company information will be revealed to show our commitment to all our members and comply with federal laws.